Stop and catch your breath…

Have you had that moment, you know, the one you feel was responsible for changing the path you lead in life? I have. All it took was 1 video. 1 video that a classmate of mine posted on Facebook, and BAM, life as I knew it was over.

Honestly, it changed something in me. It caught my breath, and I swear, I didn’t breathe as I watched in awe of what was on the screen before me. I love these moments, I really do. Finding something that speaks to you in a way that no human has been able to…it’s almost over whelming, and I am so thankful for these small things, that make such a huge impact in my life. Watching it calms me, it makes me free. It centres me like I never understood was possible. A Video, I know, it’s crazy. Just hear me out.

I am one of those people who loves too easily, does too much for others, gives up everything for someone else. I am an old soul, some might even say a lost child. I haven’t fully found my purpose in life. I am still finding myself and finding out what truly makes me happy. So when I do find these little pieces, these little pieces of my heaven, I know that they are clues or pieces that will help me make myself whole. Which is something I long to be, whole. Will it ever happen? I don’t really know. I believe that I know what will make me whole, but I do not know if that is something I may ever be able to face. I am hoping through this journey, I will be able to lead myself home.

So now I will share with you, one of these pieces. This video is titled “The Mountain” by TSO Photography, whom you can find here http://vimeo.com/terjes

I hope it moves you, the way it moved me. Please feel free to share with me, something that has made you stop and catch your breath.

// Counting Stars In The Rain //

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