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Joey’s World Birthday Adventure.

On Monday, November 17th, we were invited to Joey’s World to help celebrate their 1st birthday! What an amazing night it was for the kids!

Not only did the kids get to play, eat and dance, they were also able to interact with other children who were just as excited to be there as they were. Joey’s World offered a night of; free play, pizza, popcorn and cake, as well as, a loot bag to end off the night.

The staff at Joey’s World were very accommodating and welcoming, and they provided many entertaining moments for us parents.

Carter face paint Face paint

Did I mention that Natasha’s Fab Art were also there providing facing painting for the kids? Zoey and Carter look awesome as a butterfly and a tiger.

Joey’s World introduced 14 new party themes which you can now add to your birthday package. Starting as low as $7, your child can pick from themes such as;

Thank you for inviting us to join in your birthday celebration Joey’s World! We had a great time, and can’t wait to go back. For more information on Joey’s World or to book a party at Joey’s World, please visit or follow them on twitter @JoeysWorldPlay for updates and special offers and events.


Sometimes I wonder.

I wonder what my purpose is. A lot.
I believe more so than the average person. I believe that everyone was put on this earth for a reason.
But what is mine?

I think I was meant to be a healer.
To fix everyone else’s hearts, lives, souls…but unable to repair my own.
Unable to understand it even.

I have been looking for something for a long time. That piece of the world that makes me complete.
You will hear me talk about this a lot throughout this blog,
“the piece of me that I long to find”.

My biggest fear is never figuring it out, like a mission that is bound to fail…

It is actually a really scary feeling, (or even belief). The thought that we could only be here for 1 reason, and once complete, so is our time on earth. It’s just a theory of mine, that doesn’t even stem from anywhere, I have no real religious beliefs, no proof or  facts that steer me in this direction of thought. I have no idea where the idea even came from, I would assume a movie (My Sister’s Keeper maybe?) I might have to watch that again to see if it answers any of my questions.

Oh the questions of life. When do they stop, and where do they begin?