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And it starts with a little #DIY

CountingStarsInTheRain_And it starts

When we moved into this house just shy of two years ago, we had some big plans. Fixing the deck, repainting bedrooms, creating an office/studio space and building a man-cave in the basement.

Bedroom #1
We started small, with the kids rooms. They always seem to be the projects that we want to cross off of our lists first, I decided to start with my sons room. He is a pretty artistic child and he LOVES to draw. Comics, books, characters, mazes and lego villages seem to consume his every thought. So, of course I head over to my Pinterest account and create this cool board which is fully inspired by my son and all his favourite things (yes there is a storage idea for ties, he loves those as well).  I spent a lot of time trying to figure out storage options for him as his new room is now quite a bit smaller then his old bedroom and he has a lot of lego and books to store. But I had an idea…and it was a big one, and it was going to take up a lot of room – or should I say wall?  Oh yeah, did I mention that I was also trying to incorporate a very large, wooden bunk bed with built in desk? Well, needless to say that was the first thing to go. The two beds, built in dresser and desk. Gone. I couldn’t make it work, no matter what I did. Between the bedroom door, the window and closet there was no way that I was making that work, well, that along with my big plan. I replaced his big cool bunk bed with a twin sized captains bed with 6 draws (lots of room for lego and his comic book creations. I quickly realized that this wasn’t enough storage for all his lego so I picked up one of these 10 draw organizers from Canadian Tire (yes…I separated all his lego by colour – and no I don’t suggest you do the same because the hours of sorting only lasted for 2 weeks).

My Big Plan

I decided that I needed to figure out a way to turn my sons wall into a dry erase board. The whole thing. My husband (along with everyone else) thought I was nuts, but I started on a mission. How could I turn his whole wall into a dry erase wall? I searched, I pinned, I looked in different stores and nothing. Nothing made sense, nothing was big enough to cover his whole wall, and I was starting to believe that I couldn’t make this whole dry erase wall work. Enter Rust-oleum Dry Erase paint! Game changer! I purchased 2 of these dry erase kits, 2 rolls of this Spider man border and went to work. The whole process took around 3 days, between allowing each layer of paint to dry, and applying the border. I also purchased a super hero poster and a vintage tin Flash sign to a few extra pieces to his newly created comic book themed room.

Final result. 1 totally awesome, almost floor to ceiling, dry erase wall and just as expected, he totally loves it and so do all his friends.


The best part is that his entire room was a surprise. I had moved him to our spare room for a few days and was able to fully surprise him with his new comic book themed room. Dream big my child, dream big.

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Joey’s World Birthday Adventure.

On Monday, November 17th, we were invited to Joey’s World to help celebrate their 1st birthday! What an amazing night it was for the kids!

Not only did the kids get to play, eat and dance, they were also able to interact with other children who were just as excited to be there as they were. Joey’s World offered a night of; free play, pizza, popcorn and cake, as well as, a loot bag to end off the night.

The staff at Joey’s World were very accommodating and welcoming, and they provided many entertaining moments for us parents.

Carter face paint Face paint

Did I mention that Natasha’s Fab Art were also there providing facing painting for the kids? Zoey and Carter look awesome as a butterfly and a tiger.

Joey’s World introduced 14 new party themes which you can now add to your birthday package. Starting as low as $7, your child can pick from themes such as;

Thank you for inviting us to join in your birthday celebration Joey’s World! We had a great time, and can’t wait to go back. For more information on Joey’s World or to book a party at Joey’s World, please visit or follow them on twitter @JoeysWorldPlay for updates and special offers and events.